Take Charge of Your Online Reputation

Controlling your online reputation is an important step for everyone using Social Media. Every piece of information you or others post about you can lead to identity theft, cyber bullying, damaged reputation, and real world threats.

http://blog.trendmicro.com/the-risks-of-posting-in-social-networksView the full size Infographic from TrendMicro: The Risks of Posting in Social Networks

A new study released by TrendMicro states that of all the people using social media:

    63% post their birthdate
    61% post what school they attend
    51% list the names of their family members
    23% post their pets’ name

An attacker could use this information to take over your account. Do you use any of these as your myNEU password recovery answer?

This video from Microsoft Online Privacy and Safety Center show the consequences of negative posts and how to routinely check for anything that might damage your online reputation.

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