Fake Websites

The Scam:

Criminals create fake websites that look like legitimate websites in order to trick the user into entering their personal information such as their username, password, credit card, or social security numbers. These sites often look identical to the real one and might even have similar web addresses to trick the user.

For example, a fictitious fake website (www.bankofamerica1.com) could be made to look like a legitimate bank website (www.bankofamerica.com). Notice the different URLS for the websites.

When the user enters their information in the fake site the scammer now has their banking credentials.

Don’t Get Fooled:

Always type in the URL of the website in an email, do not click on the links. If you are unsure if an email is legitimate always call the business phone number on the website you typed in, not from the email.

Can you spot a secure site?