Spam Facebook Posts

The Scam:

Scammers use Facebook to trick users into installing apps or giving up personal information. One scam is fake news such as stating the death of Justin Bieber, or that Starbucks and Amazon are giving away gift cards. Below is an example of a Facebook scam preying on people’s curiosity about celebrity gossip.

The user would click on the post and be taken to a webpage that would trick the user into installing a Trojan virus or a rogue Facebook Application. The rogue app could spam all of the user’s friends and groups while at the same time stealing personal information.

Don’t Get Fooled:

There is no such thing as a free lunch or free money. If the post is sensational, it is probably a fake. Do not approve or “Like” any apps linked to these posts. Do not forward the post to your friends. If the post takes you to a website, do not enter your personal data, credit card numbers, or install any software from the page. It is probably Malware. The best thing to do is to ignore the post entirely.