Data Sanitization and Destruction


Information Security, as part of the asset disposition process or under the ad hoc service suite, sanitizes or destroys paper, magnetic, optical or other media so as to meet to DOD/NSA standards.

University Policy and various state and Federal laws require that data is appropriately handled when information-bearing assets are retired or change locations. Data sanitization and destruction services assure policy and regulatory compliance, and reduce loss and cost exposure.

Service levels will vary based on the negotiated agreement between the business customer and Information Services.

Customers receive certification from Information Security that their media has been wiped. Volume of media wipes reported annually to Board of Trustees Audit Committee.

This service is available to faculty and staff who have media containing sensitive Institutional or Personal Data.

Service is available during normal University business Hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday. Expected 48 hour turn around depending on size of media. Emergency service available 7x24x365.

Information on how to Dispose of Sensitive Information