Computer Security Incident Response


Security Incident Response services forms a central management point for security incidents. Services include incident triage, scene security, investigation, data collection, notification, analysis, evidence collection and analysis, evidence reporting, remediation, forensic analysis and case preparation/testimony in administrative and civil/criminal court proceedings.

Incident response processes, procedures and services enable the University to maintain a consistent, effective and compliant methodology to respond to computer and information security incidents. Further, they provide the means to identify and process perpetrators through appropriate on or off-campus administrative and/or judicial proceedings, and for the University to recover costs associated with incidents.

This service is available for Faculty, Staff and Students who suspect a compromise or breach in University systems or accounts.

This service, available 24 x 7 x 365, can be requested by contacting the Service Desk at 617-373-4357 (HELP) or by e-mailing the Office of Information Security at