Security Policies and Programs

1) Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (LINK, 2014-08-20)

• This Policy describes the terms and conditions of use for Northeastern information systems.

2) Written Information Security Program (PDF, 2013)

• This document outlines the NEU Information Security Program

3) InCommon Federation: Participant Operational Practices (PDF, 2012)

• InCommon Federation: Participant Operational Practices

4) Sponsored Account Policy (Link)

• Sponsored Account Service Description and Policy

5) myNEU Privacy Policy (Link)

• Office of Information Security and Identity Services – myNEU Privacy Policy

6) Student Code of Conduct (Link)

• Student Code of Conduct

7) SSN and Personal Information Collection, Handling and Use Procedures (PDF, 2010-02)

• This policy describes the definition of and conditions for collection, handling, and use of Social Security Numbers and Personal Identification Information.

8) Northeastern University Retention and Disposition of University Records Policy( PDF, 2012-05-24)

9) Information Disposal Requirements (PDF)

• This policy describes the proper disposal of print and electronic records.

10) Identity Theft Prevention Program (PDF, 2009-05)

• This document states NEU’s Identity Theft Prevention Program

11) Management of Copyright Infringement Complaints (PDF, 2009)

• This document outlines NEU standard response to a formal compliant regarding copyright infringement.

12) Encryption Guidelines (PDF,2018)

• This document provides guidelines for the use of encryption technologies.