Royal Baby Birth Video Leaked!

Updated 7-24-2013

No, not really.

Scammers and malware authors have been waiting months for the royal birth. Now that the Duchess of Cambridge has gone into labor it is inevitable that we will start seeing all sorts of scams appearing all over the web.

To stay safe and avoid malware:

  • Stick to the mainstream news website for updates and video
  • There is no leaked video of the birth, don’t get fooled by news stating otherwise
  • Don’t click on links or forwards about the birth on Facebook. These links will try to install malware or harvest your personal information
  • Keep up to date with your anti-virus and software
  • Watch out for fake websites asking you to install software to watch video. This is a trick to install malware.

Here are some possible scams to avoid:

  • Leaked video of the birth
  • Leaked news of the royal baby gender and name
  • Facebook links to video of the birth
  • Facebook links to news articles surrounding the birth
  • Fake websites offering video of the birth

Update 7-24-2013:

Researchers have started to see malware links appear in search engines and emails.

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