Privacy Policy

SecureNU Privacy Policy
Revised June 13, 2012


Northeastern University is committed to delivering information services that recognize and respect customer concerns about privacy. The SecureNU Privacy Policy describes how we recognize these concerns and uphold our commitments to address them.

Organizational Commitment to Privacy

Northeastern maintains a multi-disciplinary commitment to privacy, including roles responsible for all aspects of information protection that includes security and privacy. A security awareness program helps students, faculty and staff understand their roles and responsibilities in protecting information. Systems that solicit or display personally-identifiable information are protected by authentication and authorization controls.

Information We Collect Automatically

Your web browser automatically sends us information when you visit such as:

  • Type of browser
  • Type of operating system
  • Date and time you access our site
  • IP address of the computer or device you are using

No personally identifiable information is collected.

Google Analytics

SecureNU uses Google Analytics to collect statistical and aggregate information from visitors. This data includes how often a user has visited the site, what pages they visited and when, and what sites they used prior to coming to this site. The information collected and shared to us by Google Analytics is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

Email: for any questions related to this policy and SecureNU.