The Phish Tank


The Phish Tank is designed to be a one stop check for phishing e-mails that are received by members of the Northeastern Community. If you think you’ve received a phishing message, please fill out the form below or forward it to We will post new information on messages as we receive it*.

03/10/2017 – ATTENTION:Your Paycheck Issue
12/1/15 – To All
11/24/15 – MyAppleIT
11/20/15 – You Have Unread E-mail Security Alert
11/16/15 – Urgent Staff Message
11/16/15 – myNEU Blockage
11/16/15 – Your mailbox is almost full.
Phishing E-mail Notification
Please use the form below to pass along any phishing e-mails you have received. Alternatively, you can forward the e-mail to
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*please note the phish catcher e-mail account is monitored during regular business hours and sporadically at other times.