Phishing Email, now with Free Puppies!


We received the below phishing email not asking for money but offering a free 9 week old Yorkie from Africa. As we do not normally receive unsolicited email from strangers offering free puppies this most certainly is a phishing email. If we were to respond we would probably be asked for all sorts of information including our home address, contact info, and possible money for shipment and customs fees.

If you receive this type of email it is best to delete it from your inbox and then search the internet for cute pictures of puppies.

From: Karen Hover k.hover[@]
Date: July 19, 2013, 3:59:57 AM EDT
To: k.hover[@]
Subject: Little yorkie for adoption
Reply-To: k.hover[@]


How are you? I hope great. My name is Karen Hover and I am a gynecologist and oncologist doctor, I work for different prominent hospitals. My husband and I are willing to give our little puppy up for adoption free. We have a 9 weeks old yorkie, this little girl weighs 1.3LBS and should be 3LBS when fully grown. She is very friendly with children and fits in both palms of your hand, AKC/CERF registered and she has great personality and very good blood lines.

Me and my husband moved to Africa right after our son’s death, we had to relocate to move on with our lives helping others. We have the puppy right here with us. Please promise that you will take good care of her and you will accept her as part of your family as she is very adorable and the weather here isn’t good for her health. If you are willing to adopt this teacup yorkie, please reply me and let me know you are willing to accept her.

God Bless,

Karen Hover.

Image Credit: Flickr

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