Why good passwords are important

Passwords at Northeastern

For students your myNEU account is the key to a wide range of resources and personal information. Through this account you can access your grades and financial information, register for classes, pay bills, access to email and classwork through Blackboard.

For faculty and staff your myNEU account provides access to your HRM and benefits information, class work and grades through Blackboard, email, and many other services.

Imagine the potential embarrassment and damage an unauthorized person could do if they gained access to your account. Strong myNEU passwords and password reset challenge answers are the key to keeping your information safe, secure, and private.

Passwords on the Internet

Today we use the Internet for a wide range of purposes from online banking to social media, from applying to jobs to online dating. The Internet holds all sorts of data about our lives –  data that identity thieves and other criminals would love to steal.  The use of good passwords helps reduce the likelihood that these criminals would be able to gain access to your accounts and personal data.

Identity Theft and other forms of online crime can seriously damage a person’s reputation, credit history, job prospects, and much more. You can help to protect yourself by using strong passwords for online accounts.