myNEU password reset challenge questions and answers

myNEU offers a password recovery feature in case you forget your password.  The recovery question and answer is just as important as your password. 

To change your challenge question log into myNEU: Click on My Profile>Authentication Questions.

Choose a password reset challenge question and answer where the answer is nonsensical, and where only you will understand the relationship between the question and answer. The password reset challenge answer is case sensitive, so use case to help deter guessing.

For example:

Challenge question: what is my secret shame?

Challenge answer: eating RED flowers!

Challenge question: What is the size of my shoes?

Challenge answer: Less than 1 PINK elephant

(Do not use these examples)

Never use any of the following for passwords or password reset challenge answers

  • common words, dictionary words, phone numbers, sequences of numbers
  • name of family member, favorite color, drink, song, performer, pet name, car brand, any information that is publicly available: Think Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter