Northeastern University Purchasing & Accounting Spear Phishing Email

The Service Desk has received reports of a spear phishing email supposedly sent from the Northeastern Procurement Department. This email did not originate from Northeastern University. It is fraudulent, using real employee information to trick the reader into giving out information for a credit account.

If you receive the following email please disregard and delete from your inbox. Do not reply, it is a fake.

From: Jim [redacted] [mailto:jim[redacted]]
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 3:13 AM
To: contracts@[redacted].com
Subject: Account Setup.

Hello Sales,

I am Jim [redacted],Purchasing & Accounting Services at Northeastern University,it’s my pleasure to inform you that our Uuniversity have chosen to do business with your organization on net term, do let us know if it’s acceptable with your organization and how to open a credit (Net Term) account in your organization.

Thanks for your anticipated response.

Jim [redacted] ,.
Assistant Director, Procurement Services, Accounts Payable Officer
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave,
Boston, Massachusetts
02115, United States.

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