New Malware Email: “Your payroll is ready”

Be on the lookout for a new Malware email with a variant of the subject “Your payroll is ready”

If you receive this email please delete immediately. DO NOT CLICK on the link. If you have clicked on the link please contact the Service Desk (617-373-4357).

Your Biweekly payroll for check date October 09, 2012 is approved. Your payroll would be done at least Three days before to your check date to ensure timely tax deposits and payroll delivery. If you offer direct deposit to your employees, this is also guarantee deposit of their money right at the target date.

Payment details: Sign In to View

Important: Please be advised that calls to and from your payroll service team may be monitored or recorded.

Please Not try to reply to this message. automative notification system cannot accept incoming messages.

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