Lockup Your Laptop and iPad

The NU Huntington Crime Log is full of cases where laptops have been stolen from public places and unlocked residence hall rooms. Most often these laptops were left alone for just minutes while the owner went to look for a book, used the restroom, or closed their eyes for a quick nap.

We don’t suggest that you leave your laptop alone, but if must make sure it is locked to a large object with a cable lock. A cable lock will help deter the opportunistic thief from swiping your computer when you are not looking.*

Mac locks including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iPad

PC and Generic Cable Locks

*No cable lock will prevent a determined thief with bolt cutters and other equipment. Cable locks are designed to prevent the opportunistic thief looking for an easy and quick prize. Lock your residence hall rooms when you leave and do not leave your computer unattended or unsecured. SecureNU does not endorse or guarantee any particular manufacturer or products effectiveness.