June 9 – New Phishing Email

The following phishing email been received by the NU community. When you look at the link in the email you will see that it goes to a Google Docs page. This is a good indication that this email is a phishing email as NU would never ask for your username and password through a Google Docs page.

If you receive this email please delete.

Remember: Northeastern will never ask you to enter your username and password in an email.

From: Northeastern University [Help@neu.edu]
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2012 6:28 PM
Subject: Dear subscribers

Your two incoming mails were placed on pending status due
a recent upgrade to our database, In order to receive the
messages Click here http://goo.gl/vvG5F to log in and wait
for response from helpdesk, we apologies for any
inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

360 Huntington Ave. Boston
Thank you for helping us serve you
© 2012 Northeastern University

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