Java Patch Available, OS X Re-Enabled


Java has released its latest version Java 7 Update 13 and Java 6 Update 39. This new update will close various security holes in previous versions of Java and will allow Mac users to continue to use Java on their computers.

Update Java for Mac:

Update Java for PC: Select Free Java Download


When you install the update make sure you UNCHECK the following box:


This box is asking you to install a Browser Add-on that will only slow down your computer and is not needed for the update.

If You Do Not Need Java

If you do not need Java on your computer it is best uninstall it altogether. Java (not JavaScript) is used for many enterprise and educational applications such as Blackboard Collaborate, but is not used for everyday web browsing. If you do not need it for work or classes uninstalling Java will prevent any future Java security vulnerabilities from threatening your computer.

More Information

Please read this post by Brian Krebs for more information on this update:

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