Java 7 – Security Hole Patched – Update Now


Oracle has released a security patch (Java 7 Update 11) to close a dangerous Java 7 security hole discovered last week.

If you have Java installed update NOW. To check if Java is installed go to and select “Do I have Java.” If you do not have Java installed you do not need to install the update.

SecureNU recommends Mac and Windows users update Java on your computer (this is different from javascript used for your web browser).

Download and Install the Update:

  1. Go to Java.Com and select “Download Free Java”
  2. Select “Agree and Start Free Download”
  3. Open the downloaded install file
  4. Follow the install prompts to install Java: UNCLICK “Install the Ask Toolbar and Make Ask my default search provider”

Call the Service Desk at 617-373-4357 for assistance.

Other Information:

If you do not require Java for regular web browsing US-CERT recommends either uninstalling Java from your computer or disable Java in the web browser.

From Sophos.Com: Instructions on how to disable Java from your web browser.

More Information and Related Links:

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