Guides and Standards

2013 Computer and Information Security Guide (PDF, 2013-08)

• This guide provides information on creating and maintaining a safe computing environment at NU

2013 Video Teleconference Security Guide (PDF, 2013-08)

• This guide provides information on securing a video teleconference system

Common Personal Computer Security Oversights and How to Address Them (PDF, 2010-05)

• This guide provides easy security tips to practice safe computing.

Departmental Server Recommendations (PDF, 2009-11)

• This recommendation describes the basic concepts of server configuration to reduce their risk profile.

09-001: Physical Safeguards for laptop/desktop computers and file cabinets (PDF, 2009)

• This technical standard describes commonly available locking devices

10-001: Standards/Procedures for Encryption/Handling of PII on Portable/Removable Devices and Wired/Wireless Networks (PDF, 2010)

• This technical and procedural standard describes the standards, procedures and recommendations required to comply with the regulations.

10-002: Home/Offsite Computer Platform and Security Standards (PDF, 2010)

• This technical standard describes the list of NU‐supported computer types and standard operating procedures for use of personal and/or NU‐owned computing devices from locations off University premises.