Election Alert Email Lead to Malware

Researchers at SophosLabs spotted the first malware email that references the 2012 presidential election. The email with the subject “Mitt Romney almost president” displays a fake CNN news alert email contains links that point to CNN but really go to a website that tries to install malware. If the malware is not able to install because your system is up to date with patches, the website will present you a fake Adobe Flash download page to try and trick you to download and install the malware.

These types of fake emails will become more popular as we lead up to the election. Criminals love to take advantage of large public interest in an event or topic to help spread their malware.

Tips to avoid fake emails and malware:

  • Keep your operating system and anti-virus software up to date
  • Do not click on links in an email, instead type the website directly into your web browser
  • If you are asked to download a software update, check the URL of the browser to make sure it is from the software manufacture and not a fake website. Usually websites that are just IP addresses are not legitimate.

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SophosLabs Alert: “Mitt Romney almost president” – Fake CNN alert leads to Blackhole malware attack

Stay safe and install Anti-Virus software


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