Decrypt CryptoLocker Ransomware Files for Free!


Victims of the CryptoLocker ransomware are now able to decrypt and recover their files for free.

The BBC is reporting the website will provide users the decryption key and recovery program that will decrypt all the files on their computer encrypted with CryptoLocker. The service was developed by the security companies Fox-IT and FireEye after their research on CryptoLocker uncovered the master decryption key used by the malware.

If your files are encrypted by CryptoLocker, first remove the malware using standard malware removal software. Next, to go the and submit a file that has been encrypted along with your email address. The site will provide the decryption key for your computer and a program that will remove the encryption.

Please contact the Service Desk (617.373.4357) for assistance removing the CryptoLocker malware and recovering your files.

The best protection against CryptoLocker and future variants of the malware is to have anti-virus software installed and a current backup of your data. In the event that this service cannot decrypt your files a good recent backup is the only solution to recover your data.

BBC: Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free

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