CryptoLocker Prevention Updated

The CryptoLocker Ransomware is continuing to spread, encrypting the data of innocent users.

Security researcher Brian Krebs has released a post with a couple of good resources to help prevent infection including:

  • Group Policy to block CryptoLocker across a domain
  • CryptoPrevent, a small utility to stop CryptoLocker on an individual computer
  • Backup data to a cloud service in the event that your local copy gets corrupted

Krebs on Security: How To Avoid CryptoLocker Ransomware

Additional Tips for Prevention:

  • Running up to date anti-virus software (there have been reports that Windows Defender does not stop CryptoLocker). Install one of these third party software packages.
  • Keep Windows up to date with software and security patches
  • Keep Java and Adobe Acrobat reader up to date with software patches
  • Uninstall Java if you do not need it
  • Do not open unsolicited email attachments

Here are more tips on how to avoid malware on your computer.

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