How to install Java updates

Oracle periodically releases updates to the Java platform to fix bugs and vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to compromise a computer running Java. Information Services strongly recommends you stay current with Java updates to help protect your computer.

If you are running a NUNET-based machine at Northeastern, these updates will be applied for you automatically.

Updating your Mac:

To update your non-NUNET Mac running OS 10.6.x or higher, go to the Apple menu and click “Software Update“. Click “Show Details” to see the list of updates.

For Mac computers running OS 10.5x or lower this issue may still exist. It is recommended that users upgrade to at least OS 10.6.x to receive the needed Java updates.

Updating your PC:

An update has also been released for PC/Windows-based computers to fix the security-related issue. To download the update for your PC, go to

Updating Chrome and Firefox:

For both Mac and PC, your Chrome and Firefox browsers may have individual Java plugins which need to be updated.

Please check the following pages in each of your browsers for Java updates:
1. Chrome: type the address “chrome://chrome” into your browser’s address bar, then click the “Set up Automatic Updates” button if it appears.
2. Firefox:


When you install the update make sure you UNCHECK the following box:

This box is asking you to install a Browser Add-on that will only slow down your computer and is not needed for the update.

If You Do Not Need Java

If you do not need Java on your computer it is best uninstall it altogether. Java (not JavaScript) is used for many enterprise and educational applications such as Blackboard Collaborate and parts of Banner, but is not used for everyday web browsing. If you do not need it for work or class uninstalling Java will prevent any future Java security vulnerabilities from threatening your computer.

Please call the Service Desk at 617-373-4357 or for assistance.