Protect Your Computer

Windows and Mac operating systems come with internal firewalls and the ability to automatically update the operating system. When enabled, these two features will help protect your computer from malware and plug holes used by hackers to take over your machine.

It is also important to keep third party software and web browsers up to date to close any bugs or holes that have been discovered. Recently bugs in software such as Adobe Flash Player and Java have been used by malware to take over both Mac and Windows computers. Applying the most recent patches from the manufacture will remove bugs and help protect your machine.

To check if you have the latest version of your software, for most applications go to the Help or Info menu and select Info or About. This should show you the current version number that you can compare to the most recent update on the manufactures website.

Students can contact the ResNet Resource Center for assistance with their Windows or Mac computer.

Search the NU myKnowledge library for information on updating your software or NU managed machine.