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Changes to Google and Facebook Privacy Settings

Here are two new social media privacy developments from Google and Facebook. First from Google: starting November 11 Google will start displaying your profile picture and comments publically in advertisements for any product that you comment on or “follow”. Google is primarily an advertising company offering free services, thus this move makes sense from their […]

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What does Facebook know about you?

Yesterday we talked about the dangers of sharing too much information online and how that could lead to identity theft. Today we will look at the information Facebook knows about us and what is available to advertisers and the world through Facebook Graph Search. The website preformed an analysis of the different types of […]

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Cyber Threats by the Numbers

TrendMicro has published an Infographic report on the trend of cyber threats from 2006 through 2011. As the usage of the Internet increased during this time period from 1.3 billion to 2.26 billion people the number of threats has also increased. From the report: Spam increased from 2 million per month to over 5.2 billion […]

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Facebook reports 83 Million accounts are Fake

In recent SEC filings Facebook reported that over 83 Million accounts are fake. Of that over 14 Million accounts are used to spread spam and malware. These accounts attempt to trick the user into friending them and then tries install malware or steal your personal information. Read this guide on how to spot fake Facebook […]

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Facebook Privacy Notice Hoax

A post is going around stating that if you place a privacy notice on your wall Facebook will protect your privacy rights. This is a Hoax. Posting a “legal” notice to your wall does not affect how Facebook treats your information. The message: “Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Unless you state otherwise, anyone […]

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A Guide to Facebook Security

A Guide to Facebook Security: For Young Adults, Parents, and Educators Facebook is a popular service, often a vital part of our lives to communicate with others. This popularity makes it a juicy target for scammers and other criminals looking to steal your personal information, push out malware and viruses, and spam your friends and […]

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New Facebook Scam – Free Ray-Bans and TOMS Shoes

Watch out for a new Facebook Scam offering Free Ray-Bans and TOMS shoes. From Sophos: If you click on the links you will be taken to pages which try to trick you into sharing the link further amongst your Facebook friends. Before you know it, you’re being taken to webpages that ask you to hand […]

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