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NU users upgrade to OS X Mavericks for Free

Apple has not provided the Shellshock patch for versions of OS X older than Lion.  If you have an older version of OS X and would like to upgrade to Mavericks the Service Desk will be able to assist you.   Depending on your current hardware you may be able to upgrade to Mavericks for free.   […]

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Apple Releases Shellshock Patch

Apple has released a patch to fix Shellshock Bash bug vulnerabilities.  Its is strongly recommended Mac users install the update when it becomes available through Software Update. Northeastern managed Macs will be updated automatically with the patch. For additional information: Shellshock Bash bug and the Apple update. Note: This initial patch from Apple only fixes 2 […]

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Get Anti-Virus Software FREE!

Welcome Students! The new school year brings new virus and malware threats to your Mac and Windows computers. The ResNet Resource Center has a stack of Apples and PCs that are infected with viruses. Long gone are the days when Apple users are immune from viruses and malware. The viruses today attack both Macs and […]

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Dangerous Security Bug in iOS and OS X

Feburary 25, 2014: Apple releases update for OS X Apple: Instructions on updating OS X Arstechnica: Apple releases OS X 10.9.2, patches SSL flaw and adds FaceTime Audio support Update iOS NOW! Apple has released an update to address a very serious security problem with iOS 7 and iOS 6. If you have an iPhone, […]

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iOS 7 – Backup iPhone First – Install Update Second

Today, at long last, iOS 7 is available to the public! Before you download and install the update Apple recommends that you backup your iPhone first. If your backup is larger than the 5GB of free iCloud storage you should create a local backup on your computer. You do not want to be in the […]

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Apple Disables Old Versions of Adobe Flash in Safari

Apple has disabled old versions of Adobe Flash Player in the Safari web browser because it does not contain the latest security updates. When you click on the disabled player window you will receive the above message indicating that you need to update Flash. To update Flash (from Apple): Click “Download Flash…” (from the above […]

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