Are you a cyber superhero?


Sure, you are secure but how about your friends?

You are a security expert. Your passwords are complex, longer 10 characters, and stored in a password manager. You always update your software and Apple operating system when new patches come out. You never leave your laptop or phone alone in the library or classroom. You use a VPN on public wireless in coffee shops and restaurants. In every respect you are the perfect example of a secure computer user.

But what about your friends? Do your friends know how to create a complex password with more than 10 characters; with upper and lower case letters and numbers? Do your friends know how to use a VPN on public wireless? Do your friends know not to leave their laptops alone in the library to thwart opportunistic thieves?

Take a moment now to help your friends become more secure. The routine simple things you do every day to secure your computer could save them a ton of trouble and suffering. Teach your friends these simple tasks and who knows, you may help prevent your friends from becoming the next victim of a cyber-crime or theft. You can be their cyber superhero!

Help them:

For questions about these tips or other cyber security issues please contact the Office of Information Security at

Image credit: Flickr: Yuri Samoilov

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