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Stay safe – P2P File Sharing

New article at SecureNU provides helpful tips on staying safe and legal with peer to peer (P2P) file sharing at Northeastern University. Topics Include: NU policies regarding peer to peer file sharing Learn tips on how to avoid malware and spyware Prevent your personal files and pictures from becoming Internet fodder Avoid the ire of […]

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August 22 – Newegg.Com Phishing Email

A new phishing email has been circulating Northeastern email as a order receipt from When you hover your mouse over a link in the email you see the URL: hxxp:// (this is a phishing website) If you receive this email, do NOT click on the links and delete it immediately. Click for larger image.

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Joomla Security

Many popular websites including those at Northeastern are created and managed with Joomla. Joomla is an open source content management system that allows those with little web programming experience to build elegant and complex websites. Installing Joomla is fast and easy; making it secure against web attacks takes some time and attention to detail. Why […]

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Video: How HTML iFrames are used in drive-by download attacks

Video explains how HTML iFrames are used to preform drive-by download attacks. An inline frame or iFrame is used to embed multiple webpages into a single page. Criminals are using this feature to embed malicious code from remote sites into seemingly innocent webpages in order to attack your machine and install malware. This kind of […]

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Twitter Knows Where You Live

If you have you ever tweeted from your home and geolocation services were enabled, the Internet now knows where you live. We have previously written about a social experiment highlighting embarrassing Facebook posts to emphasize the need for keeping your profile private (or not posting embarrassing things). Now a new website, displays the address […]

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Facebook reports 83 Million accounts are Fake

In recent SEC filings Facebook reported that over 83 Million accounts are fake. Of that over 14 Million accounts are used to spread spam and malware. These accounts attempt to trick the user into friending them and then tries install malware or steal your personal information. Read this guide on how to spot fake Facebook […]

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