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Sprint Spam Email

DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS IN THIS EMAIL Update: September 19, 2012 – A similar Sprint bill spam has been spotted at NU this week. Click for Large Image We have detected a new spam email at NU disguised as a bill notification email from Sprint. You can tell this is a spam email […]

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Don’t Post Your Husky Card to Facebook or Twitter

It is fantastic that you are excited about attending Northeastern. But we would like to remind you that it is not a good idea to post a picture of your Husky Card to Facebook or Twitter. Your Husky Card provides access to a number of services and locations related to your account at Northeastern. Your […]

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Automatically keep your programs up to date

Keeping your PC software up to date is a crucial step in staying safe in the online world. Software companies release updates to fix known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers to gain access to your computer. Unfortunately we have many programs and it is often hard to keep track of what needs to […]

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Yahoo Voices Passwords Leaked to Internet – Change Password NOW

Today hackers released a file containing 453,000 email addresses and passwords taken from the Yahoo Voices service. The passwords were not encrypted and the list is now widely available on the Internet. Change your Yahoo password NOW. Reports indicate the password leak is contained to the Yahoo Voices service. Even if you did not use […]

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Why scammers say they are from Nigeria?

Have you ever wondered why scam and phishing emails are poorly written with bad grammar and spelling; why they claim to originate from Nigeria or some other West African country; and why they are offering ridiculous sums of money for little or no effort? A report released by Microsoft Research studied this topic and concluded […]

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July 10 – New Phishing Email

The following phishing email has been sent to NU email accounts. If you receive this message please delete it immediately and do not click on the link. You can tell it is a phishing email because it is asking you to fill out your username and password through a Google Doc page. More information on […]

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Lockup your Laptop

You are in the library writing a paper on your laptop or surfing the Internet in your room or office. You leave for only a few minutes and when you return… your laptop is gone. Think about how you would feel at that moment? Think about the lost time, work, and money stolen. It feels […]

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Facebook (and everyone) knows what you’re doing…

Here is a lesson on what not to post to Facebook: Do you hate your boss? Are you hungover? Are you taking drugs? Do you have a new phone number? If you have recently posted one of these topics on Facebook you may find yourself on the wall of shame. This new website takes […]

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