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Mission: Laptop Security (Game)

Are you smart enough to keep your laptop safe and out of the hands of thieves? Try your hand at Mission: Laptop Security (The Game) Once you are finished here are some more resources to help keep your laptop safe: SecureNU: Stay Safe on Public Wireless Networks Laptop Security Bookmark (FTC.GOV) Protecting Portable Devices: Physical […]

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Video: How to choose a strong password

From the good people at Sophos, how to choose a strong password. More Information: SecureNU Article: Why Good Passwords are Important SecureNU Article: Use Unique Passwords for Important Accounts Review of Password Managers

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Avoid Malware and Protect Your Computer

Malware, short for “malicious software,” is any unwanted software that is installed without your consent. Malware usually preforms the following: Disrupt normal computer operations though pop-up advertisements, slow the system down through resource usage, and download and install other malware Steal sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords Use the […]

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New Phishing Email at NU

The following phishing email been received by the NU community. When you look at the link in the email you will see that it goes to a Google Docs page. This is a good indication that this email is a phishing email as NU would never ask for your username and password through a Google […]

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Toy Story 2 Almost Lost to Bad Backups

It is important to backup your data. It is just as important to periodically test the backups to ensure your data is safe and available. The movie Toy Story 2 was almost lost due to a computer bug and bad backups. The following move explains what happened and how disaster was averted.

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Flashback Malware Detected at NU. Is your Mac Infected?

Is your Mac Infected? Apple computers are appearing on the NU campus infected with Flashback malware. Infected computers are vulnerable to data theft including usernames and passwords and could be used as part of a global botnet to hack computers and other illegal activities. Is your Mac infected? is an online database of infected […]

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A Guide to Facebook Security

A Guide to Facebook Security: For Young Adults, Parents, and Educators Facebook is a popular service, often a vital part of our lives to communicate with others. This popularity makes it a juicy target for scammers and other criminals looking to steal your personal information, push out malware and viruses, and spam your friends and […]

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FBI Warns of Foreign Hotel Network Malware

The FBI has released an alert warning travelers that there has been a rise of malware installed on laptops as part of fake software updates when a user connects to foreign hotel networks. Malware Installed on Travelers’ Laptops Through Software Updates on Hotel Internet Connections When the user connects their laptop to a hotel network […]

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