Open House 2017

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April 29, 2017
Doors open at 9:30 a.m.
Event begins at 10:00 a.m.


Northeastern University – Seattle
225 Terry Ave. N, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98109

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Northeastern University—Seattle is dedicated to delivering an education that’s student-centered, employer-aligned, and rooted in our region. Shape the future of the Pacific Northwest and advance your career horizons with one of our industry-responsive graduate programs. We invite all motivated professionals and future leaders to join us.

  • Explore your field of interest and learn about our cutting-edge graduate programs directly from our students, alumni and employer partners
  • Find out how our students become world-class computer scientists, no matter what their background is, with our ALIGN program
  • Learn how Northeastern serves our Seattle students. Visit booths, interactive stations and panel discussions dedicated to services & opportunities, including: Co-op & Career Development, Experiential Education and Online Learning,  and Student Activity Groups
  • Meet one-on-one with faculty and admissions counselors to answer your questions and craft a graduate school application that reflects your strengths & potential
  • Chart a path of financial wellness when you invest in your future with our Financing Graduate School breakout session
  • Attend a special panel featuring current students and faculty in the Doctor of Education

Please register to receive a confirmation e-mail before the event with program details, panel and breakout session schedules, and directions.

As a hub for collaboration in Seattle’s heart of innovation, there are unlimited possibilities just within a few blocks of our South Lake Union campus.

Break Into Tech

For those attending Open House to explore our STEM Programs, our ALIGN master’s program offers you a direct path to a new career, competitive salaries, and cutting-edge industries.

Ever wonder if computer science is right for you? This is your chance to learn about the CS ALIGN program from faculty, staff, and students as well as gain some hands on experience. After you grab some food, you will spend time leaning about the basics of computer science, hear about the program from current students, get hands on experience with writing code, and have your questions answered by faculty and staff from the College of Computer and Information Sciences.

Northeastern University’s BREAK INTO TECH Seminar will take place during open house and provide an introduction to basic computing concepts for those with a non-technical background.

The seminar will focus on giving a broad understanding of the fundamental and trending topics in computer science, using real-life examples to provide a hands-on experience. Learn from current ALIGN students and alumni to get an understanding of how data and algorithms appear in your everyday life.

Attend Northeastern University’s BREAK INTO TECH Seminar for an opportunity to:

  • Experience computer science in action, and how it applies to work and everyday life
  • Learn how to re-program an Amazon Dash button
  • Participate an in a mini hack-a-thon where you can collaborate with others and test out your new computer programming skills
  • Learn more about Northeastern’s Computer Science ALIGN program and have your application fee waived

Please note, a bachelor’s degree or soon-to-be college graduate is preferred for participation.