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Employers are vying to find, develop, and retain talented individuals who can grow and advance their business. Rapidly evolving industry needs—and the new knowledge and skills required to meet those needs—make this an increasingly difficult challenge.

Northeastern can help.

Northeastern leverages its leadership in experiential learning to deliver unique offerings that provide employers with the tools, thinking, and resources they need to build their talent pipeline. We work with a diverse array of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofit organizations, as their corporate development and talent partner.

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Through our global network and industry-aligned learning and development model, we partner with employers in areas such as:

Talent Development

Level, Data Analytics Bootcamp

Skilled analytics professionals are in high demand. Level by Northeastern University is helping meet that demand by offering an eight-week intensive data analytics bootcamp. Students learn how to extract, analyze, and report data using tools such as SQL, Excel, R, and Tableau. Companies can provide employees the opportunity to develop analytics skills, or gain access to the Level pipeline by collaborating on capstone projects, participating as guest speakers, or attending Level’s career fair.

Level Enterprise, Data Analytics Corporate Training

We also offer Level Enterprise, an executive analytics program customized to the needs of your organization that equips employees with the tools needed to convert data into insights. Level’s “Understanding and Communicating Data” program is delivered on-site and leverages your real business data, helping you turn the information you already have into your competitive edge. Level Enterprise provides a conceptual framework and hands-on examples to better analyze and communicate what is happening in your business.

Customized Professional Development Programs

We leverage our diversified portfolio of educational offerings and faculty members’ broad range of expertise to deliver professional development programs tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

These programs can often be delivered on-site, at one of Northeastern’s regional campuses, online, or in a hybrid format that combines online and in-person interaction. Northeastern shares particular strengths in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, and analytics.

Employee Learning and Development

Northeastern’s degree programs, certificates, and courses can help your employees enhance their skills and increase their opportunities for advancement.

We offer more than 150 degrees and certificates and can develop customized partnerships that extend, or provide value in, your tuition assistance program. If you currently run an internal training program, there is potential to map your curriculum to course credit, accelerating your employees’ path to a credential.

To explore these professional development opportunities, contact our Business Development Officer Mary Trimarco at

Employee Recruitment


Our cooperative (“co-op”) education model integrates classroom learning with practical experience, allowing students to alternate semesters of academic study with six-months of full-time employment in positions related to their major or career interests.

For employers, co-op provides a cost-effective way to hire, develop, and on-board up-and-coming talent. More than half of our students receive a job offer from at least one previous co-op employer. When graduates enter the role, they require less training, because they have already been immersed in the company’s culture and are well-versed on the organization’s processes.

To explore co-op opportunities for our computer science program, please contact Paco Mesch at For all other co-op inquiries, please contact Mary Trimarco at

The Experiential Network

The Experiential Network (XN) partners with sponsoring businesses and organizations to provide students with short-term, real-world projects that complement their academic work. Projects are conducted virtually over a six-week period between the student and the sponsor; students produce deliverables that address and help inform a critical business decision for the sponsor company.

Employers gain access to top talent, and are able to increase their bandwidth without increasing their budget. Through the project-based work, they also receive insights from students who bring a fresh perspective to their organization and provide new and rising managers the opportunity to mentor and develop high-potential students.

To explore these professional development opportunities, contact our Business Development Officer Mary Trimarco at


Our faculty members share a wide range of expertise, focused on areas such as sustainability, health informatics, cybersecurity, energy storage, global health and healthcare processes, and urban public policy. Several opportunities exist for research partnerships. For a full list of Northeastern’s research centers and institutes, click here.

To learn more about the research opportunities available, contact our Business Development Officer Mary Trimarco at

Events and Speakers

Are you hosting an upcoming event? Northeastern’s experts can be leveraged for key topical events and speaking opportunities in Seattle.

Northeastern University-Seattle welcomes new research, business, and educational partnerships across the region. To learn more about how your organization can become a part of Northeastern’s global network, contact our Business Development Officer Mary Trimarco at