Master of Science in Information Systems

Program Format
College Name
Application Deadlines
Spring 2021:
International applicants (outside of the U.S.): September 15, 2020
International applicants (inside the U.S.): November 1, 2020
Domestic applicants: December 1, 2020

Fall 2021:
International applicants (outside of the U.S.): May 15, 2021
International applicants (inside the U.S.): July 1, 2021
Domestic applicants: August 1, 2021
Credits Required for Graduation
32 Semester Hours


Build on your STEM background in a major global tech hub. Learn from local industry experts and pursue co-ops at innovative companies. Become an IT leader with an MS in Information Systems, which combines practical experience-powered learning with diverse foundational knowledge.

In the IS Program, we practice information engineering that responds to the question of how to deliver the appropriate information to the appropriate people, at the right time: up, across, and down the management hierarchy. We follow an engineering mindset, for example, in thinking of software as complex social-technical systems, involving a multitude of interacting components. The IS Program targets the skill sets important for the corporate world where the focus is on an elaborate set of business requirements and information engineering, design, implementation, and ongoing operations of large-scale business applications.

The IS Program empowers students with state-of-the-art methods and tools that make it possible for them to build better software systems that meet business needs, expectations, and desires. Recently, too, the IS Program has concentrated on technology with a social consciousness. Some exciting initiatives we are currently involved in include a multidimensional software program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research processes. Students have been designing medical software to empower clinical researchers seeking to monitor and assess the cause of diabetes in children—in ways that avoid intrusive testing techniques.

Our students record and study the data of this research through new complex software products. Exciting experiments with microloans are also being done: We are developing internet banking software that provide loans for farms and small businesses to underprivileged people around the globe, putting them touch with lenders who themselves are able to profit from this project. And we are actively engaged in setting up distance learning programs, to make our teaching accessible to those with busy schedules as well as students around the world unable to travel to our campus.

The IS Program strives to produce top-quality software engineers who cater to the information engineering and management needs of the corporate world in diverse industrial settings, be it pharmaceutical, financial, information technology, healthcare, and others. The program mixes academic and corporate experience to enable students to develop their professional lives.

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