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A Different Kind of University Program

Level bootcamps from Northeastern University will provide you with the hands-on experience, high-demand tech skills and networking opportunities to advance your personal and professional goals.
Whether you know probability and statistics, have programmed in python, or are totally new to data analytics,
Level has a program for you.
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Program Objectives

There is an increasing need for people who can analyze data across all industries, departments and roles. Set yourself apart and become a leader in the increasingly data-driven world with Level’s Data Analytics programs, designed to suit a range of different experiences and backgrounds.
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Data Analytics Set (Introductory)

Data Analytics Set will give you the technical edge to become data literate and make better-informed business decisions. Learn foundational statistical concepts and analyze data using Microsoft Excel and MySQL. This program is offered in a 15-week part-time hybrid format, which combines online coursework with weekly evening classes on campus. All Data Analytics Set graduates are guaranteed entry into the Core program should they decide to pursue a deeper analytics education.


Data Analytics Core (Intermediate)
Master the tools that data analysts use every day, including SQL, R, Tableau, and advanced statistical analysis and forecasting. The program culminates with an individual capstone project, where you work with an industry-leading employer to help solve a business problem using data. Data Analytics Core is offered in 8-weeks full-time (on campus), or 20 weeks part-time (online and on campus hybrid). Graduate with the skills, network and experience for a career in analytics.

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Level Education was created by Top-40 ranked Northeastern University to address the growing role of data analytics in today’s world, and is the only analytics bootcamp by a major research university.

Professionals choose Level bootcamp as a hands-on way to learn data analytics skills by solving real problems and working on projects with companies. The bootcamps are designed to equip professionals with the skills in analytics that employers are looking for. The intensive programs not only prepares candidates for success in an increasingly data-driven world, but serves as a solution for top employers to find talent that knows how to understand, analyze, and contextualize data, and use it to tell a compelling story.