Graduate Certificate in Organizational Communication

Program Format
Entry Terms
Fall: Oct. 29, 2018
Winter: Jan. 7, 2019 and Feb. 19, 2019
Credits Required for Graduation
18 Credit Hours


The study of organizational communication focuses on the dynamics of communication in complex organizations, for the purpose of learning how individuals within such organizations can become effective communicators. Whether the context of such communication is meetings or professional presentations, communicating during a crisis, or intercultural exchanges, the message is consistent: effective communication is a crucial factor in determining organizational success.

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Considering a Master's degree?

Certificate students can also apply all of these courses directly to the Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication program, which addresses complex challenges critical to effective communication. From communicating with multicultural teams to assessing the impact of social media campaigns, the program’s core courses, taught by instructors who are experienced communication professionals, examine topics that are critical to organizational communication in the digital era.