Student Spotlight: Campus Ambassador Bhavya Baxi, MS Project Management

Name: Bhavya Baxi
Program: MS in Project Management with Concentration in Leadership & Information Security Management

Bhavya Baxi earned his Bachelor’s of Engineering (B.E) in Instrumentation Engineering from Mumbai University. Previously, he worked as the business development manager and a tutor in an engineering online video tutorials startup at Mumbai.

“I want to work in a field where my technical knowledge is well assisted by my managerial skills,” Bhavya said about why he chose to pursue his Masters in Project Management. He sees leadership as an important skill to help him become an effective manager, and is eager to learn more about information security.

Bhavya Paint Night

As campus ambassador Bhavya Baxi organized SEAC’s ‘Welcome New Students’ Paint Night.

In addition to pursuing graduate education at Northeastern University-Seattle, Bhavya also serves the student community as the campus ambassador. We asked him a few questions to learn more about his role and interests in this month’s Student Spotlight:

What do you do in your role as the Campus Ambassador?

“As the head of SEAC [the Student Events and Activities Council], I plan the events that we have for the students and make sure that they exceed students’ expectations. I represent the university at every stage during student event management.”
*Students that want to get involved with SEAC should email*

Tell us about your experience so far at Northeastern University-Seattle.

“Graduate studies gives you in depth knowledge about the subject with practical scenarios and real life situations. I’ve really enjoyed learning new theories, varied concepts and good experience shared by Professor Mike Kuntz. Being a graduate international student, I enjoy networking, meeting new people and having conversations with them. We have students from different backgrounds & culture, getting to know them has been really interesting.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t studying or planning SEAC events?

“I am passionate about playing musical instruments to name a few are drums, piano, mouth-organ (harmonica), flute, percussion and a few more. I also have a great enthusiasm for going to the gym and outdoor activities like adventures, traveling & hiking.”

Favorite Study Spot:

“My favorite place at the campus is the study space where you can see the Space Needle.” *located in the 225 Terry Ave. N building*

Personal Philosophy:

“I always want to learn from my own experiences, because it gives you the best lessons. I totally believe in ‘experience is the best teacher.’ I also feel one should always have that drive to deliver the best of your abilities. What motivates me is the attitude of living each and every moment of your life to its fullest.”

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