Student Spotlight: Jane Turlo, CEO of Seattle Radiologists, MBA ’15

Jane Turlo has been in the health care industry for over 25 years. Over the course of her career, she has progressed from a radiologic technologist to the CEO of an imaging practice. But as the health care industry began to change, Jane realized that she wanted more than just her BA. “It became more and more apparent, as the health care industry continues to change and is being run more like a business, that all I was missing was that degree. I needed that MBA.”

Jane started looking for programs that she could fit into her busy life, and “it just kept coming back to Northeastern. I was looking for a challenging program that I could balance with my family and my job. I didn’t want to be so stressed out with logistics that I couldn’t enjoy my education. The way Northeastern’s program is structured made it the most manageable for my life.”

Now in the program, Jane is already feeling the benefits. “I’m seeing a difference in myself at work. And the difference I’m seeing is that my confidence level has risen; everything I do in class I can apply in the office.  I am specializing in health care, but the program has broadened my scope, and I know that it can only benefit me in the long run.”

What Jane has been most impressed with is the connection she feels to her professors and fellow classmates. As someone who thrives off of brainstorming sessions and discussions, finding an online program that offered that experience was essential. “Even though it’s online I don’t feel like it is. I don’t feel like I’m alone working through a course. The professors and instructors are engaged and available, and the teamwork with classmates is such a positive experience. I wanted to have the same experience I would have on a campus but with the flexibility of being online.”

Although her MBA degree program is online, Jane is also able to take advantage of Northeastern’s Seattle campus, which gives her an added feeling of support as she completes her coursework. “Going back to school for your graduate degree is a huge deal. Northeastern offers support, flexibility, and challenge. It’s an opportunity to enhance your life and not feel like you’re giving up your life.”


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