From the Academic Dean: Time to Shift Careers?

Many people will change or alter their career in a significant manner throughout their adult working life.  According to, people change their careers five to seven times in their lifetime.  This is a significant difference from previous generations where it was quite common for a person to work for the same company his/her entire career. 

Why do working adults shift careers so often?  There are two major reasons for adults switching careers.  The first is the common issue of budgetary changes.  For example, companies change directions, downsize, force retirement, merge or are acquired by other companies; these or any of the myriad of situations that arise because of financial reasons can force working adults to shift careers.  The other major reason people change careers is that they are no longer satisfied with their current challenges and working environments.  This could be a change in management that affects the workers’ conditions and general happiness, but often is because the adult worker is no longer challenged in his or her current job.  Most adults changing careers are ready for different challenges or ready to learn new things.  While money is certainly a driving force for many people in career choice and change, it is often not the main motivating factor.  Being adequately challenged is crucial. 

Are you ready for a career change?  If you have been contemplating this, the best advice is to research, research, and research your options.  Many career shifters will best be served by looking at higher education opportunities – many of which may offer slightly different degrees than were possible even ten years ago.  With the changing economy and changing world, new and different degree programs are constantly being developed or modified to meet society’s demands and needs.  It could be that your past experiences, education and skills could be enhanced by higher education.


 Angela L.E. Walmsley, Ph.D., Associate Dean – Academic

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