From the Academic Dean: Is on-line learning for you?

On-line learning is a great option for working adults who want a high-quality program with flexibility.  If your schedule makes it difficult to attend courses regularly or in a traditional format, on-line courses could be for you.  Students who are new to on-line learning often believe that taking an on-line class is less time consuming than a traditional on-ground course.  However, most of my students would tell you the opposite is true. But still, many students prefer on-line learning because of the flexibility in time and coursework they experience.

In order to take advantage of the flexibility of an on-line course, you as a student must be good at your own time management.  You will experience both collaborative and individualized learning activities designed to promote learning so you must also be self-disciplined to work many hours outside of the class times that might be set for the course.  We have many demands on our time and life, but if you are dedicated and committed to furthering your education, and can make time for learning outside your normal working and ‘life’ hours, then a graduate program at Northeastern University -Seattle is for you.  Depending on the program of study, our campus offers both on-line and hybrid courses.  Please check out the academic degrees offered at the Seattle Graduate Campus or contact Dr. Walmsley at for further information.

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