From the Academic Dean: Work-Life Balance? Where Does School Fit in?

Work-life balance?  Now I’m thinking about adding school into the mix?  What can I do?  

I am a teacher, I am a mom, I have older parents I must assist, and I don’t have time to cook dinner….how will I have time for a higher degree?

I am an engineer, I travel a lot with my work, I coach my son’s baseball team….how will I have time for a higher degree?

The answer:  Northeastern Seattle

With Northeastern Seattle’s focus on on-line and hybrid graduate education, busy adults who have a desire or need to pursue a higher education degree can be successful.  With high quality programs that provide flexibility in scheduling and learning, you can do it.  Need to jump start your career or want to move in a different direction?  Northeastern Seattle is making it a possibility with high quality, flexible, and convenient programs.

Still worried about the challenges of juggling it all? 

Try these four steps to balancing work and graduate school, according to Forbes on-line: 

1)   Get Prepared

2)   Research Financial Options

3)   Add Some Strategy

4)   Don’t Forget Yourself

Work smarter by choosing a program that complements your job or can enhance your job opportunities; or even one where you can solve problems or complete tasks within your job with school opportunities. 

And remember the motto, “if you need something done, ask a busy person.”  The motivated student is often the busy professional, parent, and volunteer.


Angela L.E. Walmsley, Ph.D., Associate Dean – Academic

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