Employer Branding

Employer branding is a process of establishing an organization as a great place to work. The goal of employer branding is to attract, engage and retain talented candidates and employees. Employee turnover is becoming increasingly expensive and retention can reduce costs. An employee value proposition is used to define an organization’s employment offer. The principles of both employee branding and the employee value proposition are structured around the same core values of marketing; attractive and retaining customers, clients and consumers. The currently ranked #1 employer brand is Google Inc

A large impetus for employer branding stems from a change in the thinking of today’s modern workforce. From Employerbrandingtoday.com “Today’s young generation brings a brand new set of values to the workplace. The emerging workforce is not just looking for a high salary, or a successful career; young people want more. They want purpose. They want to know why: “Why should I work here, how does it fit into what I want with my life and why does this company do what it does?” ” A big part of this change is coming from the younger generation who have recently joined or will soon join the workforce. 

How do you make your company most attractive to the best talent? Join your colleagues in the recruitment community to share insights and best practices at an upcoming Northeastern University forum. The discussion will include a presentation from Universum, the global leader in employer branding, to provide an overview of the results from the 2013 Global Student Survey and Ideal Employer rankings.  Joining Universum will be David Lee, former consultant and current Global Employer Brand Leader at Amazon.

Learn more about the event and register here.

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