Seattle Global Health Collaboration

Professor Pollastri

The Seattle campus welcomed Mike Pollastri Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Jim Aggen, Associate Professor, Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry, from the Boston campus last week.

Their research program focuses on the chemistry and drug discovery side of medicine, while other institutions focus on the delivery methods. “The laboratory’s overarching goal is to apply current state-of-the-art drug discovery techniques to find cures for debilitating neglected diseases, which affect over a billion of the world’s poorest people.”

In conjunction with Northeastern University’s Integrated Initiative for Global Health, they currently have a minor program for current students, and are working towards consolidating a list of co-op employers for students interested in pursuing the global health field.

In Seattle, they met with members of the Institute for Systems Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Seattle Biomed to discuss research collaboration for various infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and the sleeping sickness.

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