Dr. Lackaye Hosts ALIGN Information Sessions

The Seattle campus was pleased to host Dr. Bryan Lackaye from the College of Computer and Information Science from the Boston campus this week.  Dr. Lackaye was on campus and in Seattle to promote Northeastern University – Seattle’s new Computer Science ALIGN program, which is slotted to begin this fall.  
The ALIGN program (An Accelerated Link to Industry through Graduate education and the Northeastern Network) is a Master’s of Science in Computer Science program developed for those with a non-computer science degree (for example, those with a STEM-degree or who possess a strong mathematical or analytical background) who would like to move into the computer science field.  
Students that enroll in the ALIGN program will:
  • Embark on a life-changing journey to earn their MS in Computer Science and gain relevant work experience at our graduate campus in Seattle.
  • Build analytical and problem-solving skills through a custom curriculum created to link student’s undergraduate foundation to their graduate studies.
  • Have access to co-op and employment opportunities at companies that lead the industry, including Amazon, Microsoft, Microsoft Game Studio, F5, Hulu, Google, Big Fish, and others.
Dr. Lackaye held one session on the Seattle campus and two sessions on the University of Washington campus.  For more information about the ALIGN program, click here

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