A message from President Aoun

President Aoun sent a letter to the university community, stating the increasing impact of Northeastern’s research.  He writes:  

In this time of transformative change in higher education, it’s more vital than ever for universities to demonstrate their value through the impact they have on the world.  At Northeastern, the path we’ve forged these past several years has achieved this – rapidly and powerfully.

Together, we’ve extended Northeastern’s leadership in undergraduate education and strengthened our unique experiential learning model, grounded in co-op.  We’ve built the faculty, deepened the university’s global perspective, developed best-in-class leadership in online and hybrid professional masters education – and much more.

Now, it’s time to increase Northeastern’s impact even further by accelerating and expanding the impressive gains of our research enterprise.  By underscoring our distinctive strengths – our concentration on the global imperatives of health, security and sustainability, and our unique focus on interdisciplinary and use-inspired research – we aim to make Northeastern the “go-to” place for game-changing research that responds to the world’s most pressing problems.

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