Institute for Systems Biology Leading the Way to Help Make Medical Care More Predictive and Personalized

P4 Medicine is a concept created by Dr. Leroy Hood and his team at the Institute of Systems Biology (ISB).  It represents one of the leading global efforts to transform how we carry out medicine in a manner that is predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory  (P4).  P4 holds out the promise of reducing the cost of health care and increasing its efficacy for patients.  

The Local Leaders Global Impact initial speaker series event on March 22 from 12-1 at the Northeastern University – Seattle campus, you are welcome to come learn more about the coming transformation in preventive medicine and how our existing health care systems can rapidly adapt to it.  Dr. Hood will lead this panel discussion, and panelists will include Dr. Terry Fullmer, Dean of Northeastern’s Bouve College of Health Sciences, and a nationally-recognized expert of aging and acute care of the elderly, and specifically edler abuse and neglect.  Come join us for a cutting-edge and very timely discussion about this exciting transformation of health care.

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