From the Academic Dean: Networked For Life

What does this mean?  Networked for life means that you, as a Northeastern University – Seattle student will be networked to others locally, regionally, nationally, and possibly even internationally during your program and after, as an alumni.  Since Northeastern University has many high quality on-line and hybrid programs, it is quite likely that you will be “in class” with students from all over the United States and sometimes the Globe. You are networking from day one of your program, and your network as a NU alumni is vast after you graduate.  With such a large alumni basis, you will be forever connected to other NU alumni throughout the world. 

Furthermore, since the faculty and students at Northeastern are connected to real-life situations and engage with hundreds of companies and businesses, the students and faculty are networked!  You truly will be networked for life as you call on professors and students during your program, and colleagues, friends, and other alumni throughout your career.

We invite you to come and visit our new campus, and consider the programs we offer so that you can become networked for life!

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