Tayloe Washburn and Hank Levy testify to the Washington State House of Representative’s Higher Education Committee

On January 22, 2013, the Washington State House of Representative’s Higher Education Committee, chaired by Rep. Larry Seaquist, conducted a hearing on the higher education needs of the aerospace and software industries. Hank Levy, Chair of the University of Washington’s College of Computer Science and Tayloe Washburn, Dean of Northeastern University-Seattle campus, both testified on the needs of the software industry.  Chairman Levy’s powerpoint can be found at this link: here.   

Dean Washburn focused on the initiative he is Chairing with the Washington Technology Industry Association’s (WTIA) Workforce Development Committee.  WTIA is pulling together higher education leaders from across the state to work with technology companies over the next 12 months to materially increase the capacity of all higher education institutions to meet the urgent needs of our technology startups, medium and large companies – all of whom face a dire shortage of qualified employees with computer science training.  If you would like more information on the WTIA statewide initiative or would like to offer your ideas, contact Dean Washburn at t.washburn@northeastern.edu.  Washburn asked the state legislators to recognize both the opportunity for new jobs in this state if we step up to this challenge, and the impending situation, in the form of lost jobs and departing companies, if we fail to take action.

To watch Dean Washburn speak, click >> here.


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