Northeastern is on the move!

While here in Seattle we take pride in our Northeastern University – Seattle streetcar described elsewhere and on our website, the University as a whole has also clearly been on the move in many respects.  A few weeks ago The Princeton Review found that Northeastern has the No. 1 Best Internships/Career Services department in the country.  Two more indicia this week document Northeastern’s steady progress in providing a quality education that leads to excellent employment opportunities.  First,  US News and World Report  rated Northeastern as 56th in the Top National Universities category, moving up six slots from 2011.  Yesterday the Wall Street Journal had an article on the important role an effective co-op or internship program plays in helping graduates get job offers at a rate well above average.  It championed Northeastern’s leadership and success in this area. At Northeastern, more than 90%  of undergrduates participate in the University’s signature co-op program – it’s woven into their academic experience, and as a result over half get one or more job offers by the time they graduate from a previous co-op employer.  The power of the practical experience in Northeastern’s co-op program is also found in the number of applicants who compete for a spot in the entering freshman class.  This year, over 44,000 applications were submitted for the Fall 2012 class of 2,800.  Seattle businesses may just find their first co–op student in this class, which includes students from 99 countries.

Northeastern is new to Seattle, but it has a tremendous history of innovation and transformation which has propelled into the global stage.  The new Northeastern University – Seattle graduate campus is the latest example of innovation and positive growth.  Our 15 graduate degree programs available in January 2013 will fill the region’s urgent need for high-skilled employees in technology, health, engineering, financial and leadership areas.  For years, Northeastern has had dozens of co-op students at many of Seattle’s largest companies; the new campus will help to further grow this program.  Stay tuned for more opportunities at Northeastern Seattle.

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