Introducing Northeastern University – Seattle


Northeastern’s Seattle Graduate Campus and arrival in Seattle is moving forward. We kick off our public outreach campaign this week with the launch of this Northeastern – Seattle website and the public wrapping of the Seattle Streetcar. We now have four staff members on board and will soon be announcing our Associate Academic Dean.

Over the last three months, I have been busy introducing Northeastern faculty and researchers to their counterparts in the Seattle area in the global health, education, technology and health care areas. In coming weeks and months, we will keep you posted on research collaborations we are developing, in these and other areas of importance to our region and its economy, where Northeastern researchers can add real value to Seattle.

Our faculty is also meeting with corporations and organizations in this region to ensure the best possible connection between the skills companies in Seattle want in their employees, and the content of the15 graduate programs being offered by Northeastern in 2013 at the Seattle campus. The flexibility for graduate programs for students who work fulltime, combined with Northeastern’s strong academic reputation and track record in job placement and career advancement of its graduates, will help fill a major need in our community. As we continue our discussions with local companies on what they are looking for, look for additional details on our 2013 course offerings on this website.

We have also worked in recent weeks to locate and design a campus for our research and graduate programs.. Our goal has been to locate strategically in a central area surrounded by innovative companies and organizations which are experiencing significant challenges in attracting and developing the workforce and skills needed to prosper and grow. We have settled on the South Lake Union neighborhood, and will soon be announcing our campus location where classes will get underway starting in January 2013. We are very excited to join this thriving community where so much innovation is taking place.

You will see on the Northeastern Seattle Streetcar our “Networked for Life” theme, which best describes the unique benefits of the Northeastern experience. With experiential learning programs and partnerships in 105 nations and all 50 states involving over 2,500 companies, Northeastern sets the standard for connecting its students with job opportunities and career advancement as well as taking advantage of its global network both for research and job opportunities.

Adding a private research university to the Seattle region is a very positive step for our region and we are delighted by the welcoming attitude of all we have met. We look forward to getting involved in the community in many ways, and welcome you to the Northeastern experience.

Tayloe Washburn, Dean and CEO

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