Index & Account Codes

What are Index Numbers & Account Codes?



6-digit number beginning with 802XXX or 830XXX. Student groups will be sent the Cash Index number about 2 weeks after the group has been officially recognized by the Center for Student Involvement. The Cash Index is like your student group bank account number. Deposits and expenses will be credited and charged to this account. Money in this account will roll over year to year. Each group only has one cash index number.

  • Club Sports Teams: Index numbers: Begin with the number “3” (3XXXXX)


6-digit number that begins with 800XXX or 801XXX(for older graduate groups). The budget index is given to the student group after they receive funding from the SGA Finance Board or Graduate Student Government (GSG). The Budget index is also like a bank account number but the money in the budget index should only be used for expenses related to the program that was funded by the Finance board or GSG. Budget index funds do not roll over year to year. Deposits typically should not be made to the Budget Index. Each group only has one Budget index number. For more information on student group funding for programs and events please visit the SGA Finance Board website or the Graduate Student Government funding website

  • Club sports Teams: Do not have Budget Index numbers.

5-digit number that typically begins with the number  “5” (Income) or “7” (Expenses). The account code classifies the type of income/expense in the index. Account codes should be used along with your index numbers when making transactions using your student group account.

Example: Food Expense =  74320  |  Dues Income = 50487

Look up Index Numbers

Helpful Tips on how to look up the Index Number

  • The Cash index number will begin with 802 or 830. Club sports will begin with the number “3”
  • The Budget Index number will begin with “800” or “801”(for older graduate groups)

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 Look Up Account Codes

Accounts  Codes are used to classify a type of expense or income/revenue. (Ex. Dues or suppplies).

SABO Acccount Codes

Help Guides & Tutorials

Student Organization Training Experience (SOTE)

The SOTE Canvas Course will give students groups a better understanding of how to work with SABO to avoid common mistakes. All Student groups are required to complete the SABO module in the course as well as other modules.

SABO Quick Help Guide

Looking for basic information on how to use SABO Services and Forms?

Check out the QuickHelpGuide

How to Use Reprographics Online

Reprographics Tutorial  (PDF)

How to View Account Information Online (Advisors Only)


Only Advisors have access to view student group accounts online. Advisors must first be approved by SABO by completing the Advisor Banner Access Form online.

A separate form needs to be filled out for each student group advisor.

Fill out the form “SABO Advisor Banner Access Form”


Student Groups can now make remote deposits to their student group accounts. Please see Remote Deposit Website Instructions for more information.